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October 17, 2017

September 21, 2017

September 1, 2017

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I ran across an article in my email inbox that talked about nine qualities that may enable us to best deal with stress. Ironically, when I perused the list, what I clearly saw immediately in my own mind were the keys to continued inspiration: Optimism Motivatio...

Tackling your transcripts with the idea that, first and foremost, you are dictionary-building and looking for patterns in your writing that you can improve upon will help you move forward more than editing your transcript just to get the job out EVER will.

If your dictionary and your writing are solid as to the basics, then the rest of it is, arguably, something you can adapt to in the heat of the moment. Are you going to get those technical words to come up the first time you write them if you've been given no prep...

If you start analyzing your theory, working on becoming more familiar with and tweaking your dictionary, and as you become stronger in your writing style, you won't need to be involved in discussions about what "quality realtime" is or is not in order for...

I recently attended a Margie Wakeman Wells punctuation seminar class. Admittedly, I was there for the required ethics credits; also admittedly, I would likely not have attended her seminar otherwise. I was pleasantly surprised by my own takeaway from it, however. My bo...

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