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Basic "Job Stats" Tracker

Keep track of:

  • Average invoice total (monthly/annually)

  • Average pages per job (monthly/annually)

  • Average $ per page per job (monthly/annually)

  • Invoice $ totals (monthly/annually)

  • Number of total jobs (monthly/annually)

  • Number of total pages (monthly/annually)


The yellow highlighted column has a preinserted "1" in the Job # column to prevent a division error message. Before hiding any unused columns, change the "1" to a "0" so that your form will reflect accurate job stats!


General Instructions:

  1. Put in job dates for the month you're entering jobs for.

  2. Enter the 1) "Invoice Total"; 2) "Job Pages"; 3) "Total $ Per Page" for each job.

  3. Hiding unused rows (optional):

  • Before you right click on and hide any rows not used, make sure that the "# of Jobs in Month" for those particular rows have been changed to 0.

  • Click on first row not used.

  • Hit the Shift key and the "down" arrow until all of the rows not used for that month are highlighted. (If you highlight one too many, just use your "up" arrow to un-highlight.)

  • Right click and choose "Hide."

Basic Job Stats Tracker 1.jpg
Basic Job Stats Tracker 2.jpg




This form will download to your Downloads folder on your PC.

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