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Are you taking the time to fill out agency portal production information?

My rates and terms sheet says at the bottom: "Final transcripts will be submitted via email at the rates agreed to above. All ordering information, attorney contacts, PDF signed reporter cert, and exhibit information will be included."

Below are screenshots as well as a downloadable .dotx of my email template that I use to turn in my final transcript and invoice. (Note that I email the production department and cc the accounting department, with a bc to myself. I have this set up as a separate template in my email client for every agency I work with so that I can have those email addresses for production and accounting already filled in.)

This form can be customized in whatever way you wish. The document is a .dotx document, which means "template," that can be saved in the templates folder of your MS Office directory. When you have it generally customized as you wish and have saved it as your own template, you can then create a separate one of these documents for each agency and save each one into the appropriate email template model that includes that agency's production department and accounting department email addresses, with yourself blind-copied.

Email production template page 1.jpg
Email production template page 2.jpg




This form will download to your Downloads folder on your PC.

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