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Michelle Kirkpatrick


Freelance Realtime Reporter

                and owner of

Kirkpatrick Realtime Reporting



If contacting a local firm is not a realistic option for you, then perhaps organizing a group of ten or more reporters in your area to have me come speak to you could be an option. When you can support each other locally into the future, you have a much better chance of success.


I am also willing to speak to larger groups at, for instance, a state convention if you would like to suggest that someone on your state board/convention committee contact me for a future local seminar or convention in your area.

The last option that I would recommend would be hiring me as an hourly performance coach right out of the starting gate, but sometimes it may be the only practical choice. Starting from Step 1 remotely and on an individual basis may not be the best use of your money in my own opinion, but it will definitely get you there! We can work together one hour at a time and evaluate your progress in order for you to determine how far and long you'd like to continue.

I would recommend reading the blog articles contained within this website, the Power Reporter, before we begin so that you have a basic understanding of where we are going with this. The seven "Power Reporter Tips" down the right side of the individual blog pages are sort of the seven golden rules of success, but figuring out how to create an actual curriculum from which you, the individual reporter, can learn from is how you are practically going to get there.

We can start whenever you like. The services are currently set at $150 an hour, which is a number considerably less than what I earn as a technical realtime reporter and likely on the up side of what you are earning as a nonrealtime reporter currently, so hopefully it is a number "somewhere in the middle" that you feel you can live with. I promise you, I am not looking to get rich doing this; my goal is merely to help reporters learn how to strengthen their skills so that we all feel we are Power Reporters at whatever level is our own personal ultimate goal! The stronger each of us are, the stronger all of us are collectively, as a group.

Contact me for a specific appointment time, and I will guide you to an online link for prepayment of your first hour.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Rough Draft Boot Camp is the first of the "Power Reporter" seminar series featuring creative tools for the advancing reporter.


The coaching process is meant to be secondary to Rough Draft Boot Camp. Reporters who spend a day hard at work "learning how to learn" in boot camp will benefit the most from utilizing my services as a performance coach.

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

Consider contacting the local freelance firm you work with most and asking them to host a local Rough Draft Boot Camp. Let me teach you how to fish in a more formal environment before we begin to truly personalize this process for you! After the boot camp, you will be invited to a private Facebook group designed especially for those who have graduated from boot camp and are ready to move on, individually but with the support of other like-minded Power Reporters, on that same "individual" journey to excellence!

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